Human Engineering for Environmental friendly Products & Production


CEO Dr.-Ing. W. Mudersbach

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Our team of engineers consist of as well as operation engineers as well as
R&D engineers for near application engineering
Our corporate compliance includes self improved policies and values like
- Our work is only subject oriented
- We are free from any political influences,
- We are free from financial investors in our GmbH ,
- We are free for work in all countries in the world
- We are free for cooperation work with ll experts in the world
The basis of our Consultancy for engineering for Iron and Steel Plants
from Iron Ore up to final consumer products made by steel (examples_
steel building, automobile, rails, cans ) is symbolically described in our
means that we have finished our consulting if result or our work is ok
for our partners or customers
References (Examples )
China Benxi Iron & Steel Group CGL Continuous Galvanizing Line No. 1
China MEEC/Wuhan Iron & Sreel Institute Bar Mill for Poland
India Essar Steel CGL Continuous Galvanizing Line
India / Nepal Design Wire Rod Block
India TATA Jamshedpur Accenture Services Pvt.Ltd.From Iron Ore to
Final Steel Product
Mexico AHMSA Heavy Section Rolling Mill
USA Detroit Sever Steel Slab / Plate Mill
Russia Evraz Heavy Section Rolling Mill
Iran MME Düsseldorf/Tehran OXIN STEEL Ahwaz IranWide Plate Mill
Iran MME Düsseldorf/Tehran Esfahan Steel Hot Strip Mill
Iran CPG Düsseldorf/Tehran CSMP DRI EAF CC RM
Germany / Portugal Böllinghaus Bar Mill
Germany DBU FEhS HEEPP For the environment Replacement of
Turkey / Morocco Bar & Wire Rod Mill
HEEP&P Innovation
Continous uninterrupted Melting-Casting-Hot Rolling of Rails
Wire Rod Block Design
New Convertible Sizing Block

Meaning of our Consultancy for planning and design of Iron & Steel plants is
described by

√ Independence
We are independent experts especially from any machine supplier –
only obliged to our customer the buyer and mill operator

√ Professionalism
We make a professional consultancy by experienced and well educated
engineers of all relevant disciplines. We make our work in a fully secret
way, therefore we cannot describe a reference in detail.

√ Customer Orientation
We are Customer orientated engineers and following only the interest
of our customer in a fully secret way.

Consultancy and engineering services for
Planning, Design, Manufacturing, Erection, Commissioning and Operation of a
new plant or for a Modernization of an existing plant
Our company’s idea
is very simple and hopefully effective for our customers and us.
During our professional life as employees of steel producers and steel plant
suppliers we could develop a network of experts some are now retired, but still
able and interested to use their expertise for our customers. Depending of the
type of project we are able to build a tailored made team to support our
customer. Our experts are well known experts with individual sovereignty but
also team-players. Our strength is based on both.
Our Project-work and Consultancy is following the
Method of Systematic Planning, Design and Operation of Plants.
Steps of Project work:

1st First ideas
we support our customer –the plant operator, who is the buyer - and can
develop together the 1st ideas based on the Know How about the market
demand and technical and commercial possibilities.
Therefore the idelal solution for our consultancy work is that we can start
together with the plant supplier and operator at the earliest date of a project.

2nd Pre-Feasibility study
based on our expertise from our engineers coming from steel plant operators
and designers we can prepare together with the plant supplier and operator a
pre-feasibility study and a final bankable feasibility study as a basis for the
financing and inquiry documents

3rd Final Bankable Feasibility Study
based on the Pre-Feasibility study we can make the Final Bankable Feasibility
Study especially for the investors and financing Institutes using the forms of
International Institutes like UN

4th Inquiry documents
together with our customer we can prepare the tender documents or we can
analyze the tender documents

5th Consultancy during negotiations in the project stage before signing an order
between buyer ( operator ) and seller

6th Preparation of contracts including specification and negotiations on one hand
with the general contractor and on the other hand with the subcontractors or
members of the supplier’s consortium.

7th Preparation of detailed contract documents.

It is unfortunately not always usual but absolutely necessary for a successful
order execution that both the buyer and later operator but also the seller
understand the contract specification in an unequivocal technical, commercial
and legal interpretation regarding all aspects in general and detail like amount
of work and supply, type of cooperation, the specification and all procedures
between buyer and seller. We -the consultant - can take care for it.

8th Preparation of detailed cost estimation:
Split in a list of Suppliers and Buyers obligations like
Basic Data, Basic Design, Detailed Design, Import Parts, Local Parts,
Manufacturing, Purchasing, Erection, Commissioning, Start up and Operation,
using a detailed list of services, weights of mechanical equipment,
specification of hydraulic, electric and automation etc. as basis for the cost
and price calculation.

9th Order execution
we have engineers of all disciplines with experiences in operation of plants,
design and manufacturing who worked before in 1st class steel production
companies and plant and machine design companies.
During order execution we are working in the discipline
final planning of process and plant engineering,
basic and detailed design,
manufacturing including workshop inspection and tests in workshops,
erection basic design and assistance,
commissioning basic design and assistance
guarantee tests at site
operation basic design and assistance
Just from beginning of a project
(First ideas )
up to end
( operation assistance )
the core of the team consists of same persons. Therefore our customers are
familiar with our experts over the hole period of the project.
Our experts are well known experts with individual sovereignity but
team- players. Our strength is based on both.


Green Steel versus Brown Steel